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Dynamed Clinical Care
Evidence Based
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First Consult / MD Consult

Clinical Care

Step by step instructions and animations for common procedures
Click First Consult tab and then the Procedures tab | more info

Isabel Dx Clinical Care
Diagnosis checklist system that is also integrated into the Dynamed platform
Micromedex Alternative Medicine
Clinical Care
Consumer Health Information
Drug Information
Drugs and Lactation
Evidence Based
Mental Health
Micromedex® includes the DRUGDEX®, DRUG-REAX®, IDENTIDEX®, IV INDEX®, Index Nominum, Martindale, PDR®, POISINDEX®, REPRORISK®, USP DI®, DISEASEDEX®, TOMES®, Lab Advisor®, and Alternative Medicine databases.
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Alternative Medicine
Clinical Care
Evidence Based
Large comprehensive database of herbs and supplements.
7 simultaneous users allowed
Nursing Consult Clinical Care
Online Books
 Online tutorial
Other Clinical Care Resources  
UpToDate Clinical Care

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VisualDx Clinical Care
Point of care digital medical image library that aids in the identification of dermatologic, infectious, genetic, metabolic, nutritional and occupational diseases, benign and malignant growths, drug-induced conditions, and other injuries. Users can search by diagnosis, build a patient-specific differential, or look up drug-induced adverse reactions by medication.
Note: Also accessible via UpToDate 
More Information: Video Overview
Differential Builder
Diagnosis Search
Medication Adverse Events
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