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Anesthesiology : examination and board review

Dershwitz, Mark Anesthesiology-Pain Management, Education-Training-Licensure

Anesthesiology oral board flash cards

Gadsden, Jeff Anesthesiology-Pain Management, Education-Training-Licensure

APhA complete review for pharmacy

Gourley, D. R. Education-Training-Licensure, Pharmacology-Toxicology

Assessing medical school admissions policies

Association of American Medical Colleges Education-Training-Licensure

Chicago manual of style

University of Chicago Press Education-Training-Licensure

Citing medicine

Patrias, Karen Education-Training-Licensure
Clinical teaching strategies in nursing Gaberson, Kathleen B. Education-Training-Licensure, Nursing
Core Entrustable Professional Activities For Entering Residency Association of American Medical Colleges Education-Training-Licensure, Internal Medicine-General Medicine
Evaluation and testing in nursing education Oermann, Marilyn Education-Training-Licensure, Nursing
Evidence-based teaching in nursing Cannon, Sharon Education-Training-Licensure, Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing

Grant application writer's handbook

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Reif-Lehrer, Liane Education-Training-Licensure, Professional Aspects
How to read a paper Greenhalgh, Trisha Education-Training-Licensure, Evidence Based Medicine, Statistical Methods-Research Design
Implementing Curricular and Institutional Climate Changes to Improve Health Care for Individuals Who are LGBT, Gender Nonconforming, or Born with DSD Andrew Hollenbach, Ph.D., Kristen Eckstrand, Ph.D., Alice Dreger, Ph.D. Education-Training-Licensure
Johns Hopkins internal medicine board review Ashar, Bimal Education-Training-Licensure, Internal Medicine-General Medicine

McGraw-Hill's NAPLEX review guide

Sutton, S. Scott Education-Training-Licensure, Pharmacology-Toxicology

Minorities in medical education

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Association of American Medical Colleges Education-Training-Licensure

Pharmacology: examination & board review

Trevor, Anthony Education-Training-Licensure, Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pharmacy professional's guide to resumes, CVs, & interviewing

Reinders, Thomas Education-Training-Licensure, Pharmacology-Toxicology
Roadmap to Diversity and Educational Excellence: Key Legal and Educational Policy Foundations for Medical Schools Association of American Medical Colleges Education-Training-Licensure
Roadmap to Diversity: Integrating Holistic Review Practices into Medical School Admission Processes Association of American Medical Colleges Education-Training-Licensure
Roadmap to Excellence: Key Concepts for Evaluating the Impact of Medical School Holistic Admissions Association of American Medical Colleges Education-Training-Licensure

Roadmap to residency

Association of American Medical Colleges Education-Training-Licensure

Self-Assessment in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Shen, Hong, 1963- Education-Training-Licensure, Psychiatry-Psychology

Self-assessment in geriatric psychiatry

Hales, Robert Education-Training-Licensure, Geriatrics-Aging, Psychiatry-Psychology

Self-assessment in psychiatry

Hales, Robert Education-Training-Licensure, Psychiatry-Psychology

Self-assessment in psychopharmacology

Hales, Robert E. Education-Training-Licensure, Pharmacology-Toxicology, Psychiatry-Psychology

Self-assessment in substance abuse treatment

Hales, Robert Education-Training-Licensure, Psychiatry-Psychology
Teaching medical professionalism Cruess, Richard Education-Training-Licensure, Professional Aspects
Theory and research for academic nurse educators Utley, Rose A. Education-Training-Licensure, Nursing