Ebooks by Subject: Endocrinology-Metabolism

Title Author Subjects
Diabetes public health Narayan, K. M. Venkat Endocrinology-Metabolism, Public Health-Epidemiology


Nussey, Stephen Endocrinology-Metabolism
Genetic diagnosis of endocrine disorders Weiss, Roy Endocrinology-Metabolism

Genetic landscape of diabetes

Dean, Laura Endocrinology-Metabolism, Genetics
Handbook of fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base imbalances Kee, Joyce LeFever Endocrinology-Metabolism

Nutrition and metabolism

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Lanham-New, Susan Endocrinology-Metabolism, Nutrition

Pocket guide to fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance

Heitz, Ursula Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics, Endocrinology-Metabolism

Textbook of endocrine physiology

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Kovacs, William Biology-Anatomy-Physiology, Endocrinology-Metabolism

Williams textbook of endocrinology

Kronenberg, Henry Endocrinology-Metabolism