Ebooks by Subject: Nursing

Title Author Subjects
Evidence-based teaching in nursing Cannon, Sharon Education-Training-Licensure, Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing
Financial management for nurse managers Dunham-Taylor, Janne Nursing, Professional Aspects
Financial management for nurse managers and executives Finkler, Steven A. Nursing, Professional Aspects
Florence Nightingale's Notes on nursing Nightingale, Florence Nursing
Fostering nurse-led care Ives Erickson, Jeanette Nursing

Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology for student nurses

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Peate, Ian. Biology-Anatomy-Physiology, Nursing

Gerontologic nursing

Meiner, Sue Geriatrics-Aging, Nursing

Handbook of psychiatric nursing

Stuart, Gail Wiscarz Nursing, Psychiatry-Psychology
Inpatient psychiatric nursing Damon, Linda Nursing, Psychiatry-Psychology

Introduction to nursing informatics

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Hannah, Kathryn J. Informatics-Information Technology, Nursing
Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice Dearholt, Sandra Evidence Based Medicine, Nursing
Leading the way Pillemer, Karl A. Nursing
Lippincott's nursing procedures Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Nursing

Lippincott's video series. Nursing procedures

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Nursing
Managing documentation risk Duclos-Miller, Patricia A. Nursing, Professional Aspects

Medical-surgical nursing care

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Burke, Karen Nursing

Mosby's clinical nursing

Thompson, June Nursing

Mosby's oncology nursing advisor

Newton, Susan Nursing, Oncology-Cancer Care

Mosby's pediatric nursing reference

Betz, Cecily Lynn Nursing, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Motivational interviewing in nursing practice Dart, Michelle A. Nursing

Neuroscience nursing

Barker, Ellen M. Neurology-Neuroscience, Nursing
NOC and NIC linkages to NANDA-I and clinical conditions Johnson, Marion Dictionaries-Codes-Classification, Nursing
Nurse manager engagement Mackoff, Barbara Nursing, Professional Aspects
Nurse's guide to women's mental health Davidson, Michele R. Nursing, Psychiatry-Psychology

Nursing herbal medicine handbook

Webb, Sean Alternative-Integrative, Nursing

Nursing interventions classification (NIC)

Bulechek, Gloria Dictionaries-Codes-Classification, Nursing
Nursing leadership & management Kelly, Patricia Nursing, Professional Aspects

Nursing outcomes classification (NOC)

Moorhead, Sue Dictionaries-Codes-Classification, Nursing
Nursing the surgical patient Pudner, Rosemary Nursing, Surgery

Oncology nursing

Langhorne, Martha E. Nursing, Oncology-Cancer Care