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American Academy of Pediatrics textbook of pediatric care


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McInerny, Thomas Pediatrics-Neonatology
Assisted ventilation of the neonate Goldsmith, Jay Pediatrics-Neonatology, Respiratory Medicine-Pulmonary Medicine

Berkowitz's pediatrics

Berkowitz, Carol Pediatrics-Neonatology
Child abuse and neglect Palusci, Vincent Pediatrics-Neonatology
Compact clinical guide to infant and child pain management Oakes, Linda L. Anesthesiology-Pain Management, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Core curriculum for neonatal intensive care nursing Verklan, M. Terese Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Nursing, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Current diagnosis & treatment. Pediatrics

Hay, William Pediatrics-Neonatology

Developing human

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Moore, Keith Pediatrics-Neonatology

Dulcan's textbook of child and adolescent psychiatry

Dulcan, Mina Pediatrics-Neonatology, Psychiatry-Psychology

Green's skeletal trauma in children

Green, Neil Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Orthopedics-Musculoskeletal, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Guidelines for perinatal care

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American Academy of Pediatrics Obstetrics-Gynecology-Women's Health, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Handbook of child maltreatment Krugman, Richard Pediatrics-Neonatology, Public Health-Epidemiology
Harriet Lane handbook Johns Hopkins Hospital. Children's Medical and Surgical Center Pediatrics-Neonatology
Hospital for Sick Children manual of pediatric trauma Mikrogianakis, Angelo Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Human growth and development

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Cameron, Noel Pediatrics-Neonatology, Psychiatry-Psychology
Langman's medical embryology Sadler, T. W. Biology-Anatomy-Physiology, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Manual of ambulatory pediatrics Boynton, Rose W. Pediatrics-Neonatology
Manual of neonatal respiratory care Donn, Steven Pediatrics-Neonatology, Respiratory Medicine-Pulmonary Medicine
Medicolegal issues in pediatrics American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatrics-Neonatology, Professional Aspects

Mosby's pediatric nursing reference

Betz, Cecily Lynn Nursing, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Mosby's pocket guide to fetal monitoring Miller, Lisa Obstetrics-Gynecology-Women's Health, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Nadas' pediatric cardiology

Keane, John Cardiovascular, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Nelson textbook of pediatrics

Kliegman, Robert Pediatrics-Neonatology
Neonatal respiratory care handbook Harrison, Elgloria A. Pediatrics-Neonatology, Respiratory Medicine-Pulmonary Medicine
Olds' maternal-newborn nursing & women's health across the lifespan Davidson, Michele R. Nursing, Obstetrics-Gynecology-Women's Health, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Pediatric acute care

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Reuter-Rice, Karin Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Pediatric environmental health Etzel, Ruth Pediatrics-Neonatology
Pediatric imaging Donnelly, Lane F. Imaging-Radiology, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Pediatric injectable drugs : the teddy bear book Phelps, Stephanie Pediatrics-Neonatology, Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pediatric nursing

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Potts, Nicki Nursing, Pediatrics-Neonatology


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