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Title Author Subjects

Pain medicine

Abdi, Salahadin Anesthesiology-Pain Management
Palliative care Emanuel, Linda Palliative-Terminal-Hospice Care

Palliative medicine

Walsh, Declan Palliative-Terminal-Hospice Care

Palliative practices

Kuebler, Kim K. Palliative-Terminal-Hospice Care

Pathophysiology of disease

McPhee, Stephen Internal Medicine-General Medicine, Pathology

Patient care standards

Tucker, Susan Nursing
Patient education in rehabilitation Dreeben, Olga. Patient Education, Physical Med-Rehabilitation

Patient safety and quality

Hughes, Ronda Patient Safety-Quality Assurance

Pediatric acute care

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Reuter-Rice, Karin Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Pediatric environmental health Etzel, Ruth Pediatrics-Neonatology
Pediatric imaging Donnelly, Lane F. Imaging-Radiology, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Pediatric injectable drugs : the teddy bear book Phelps, Stephanie Pediatrics-Neonatology, Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pediatric nursing

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Potts, Nicki Nursing, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Pediatric nursing procedures Bowden, Vicky Nursing, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Pediatric nutrition handbook Kleinman, Ronald Nutrition, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Pediatric otolaryngology Schoem, Scott Otolaryngology

Pediatric patient safety in the emergency department


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Krug, Steven Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology, Patient Safety-Quality Assurance, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Pediatric physical examination: an illustrated handbook

Duderstadt, Karen Diagnosis-Tests-Physical Exam, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Pediatric primary care

Burns, Catherine Pediatrics-Neonatology, Primary Care-Family Medicine
Perinatal nursing Simpson, Kathleen Rice Nursing, Pediatrics-Neonatology
Perioperative safety Watson, Donna Surgery

Perioperative standards and recommended practices

AORN Nursing

Pharmaceutical care practice

Cipolle, Robert J. Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pharmacist in public health

Truong, Hoai-An Pharmacology-Toxicology, Public Health-Epidemiology


Waning, Brenda Pharmacology-Toxicology, Public Health-Epidemiology
Pharmacology Brenner, George M. Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pharmacology: examination & board review

Trevor, Anthony Education-Training-Licensure, Pharmacology-Toxicology


DiPiro, Joseph T. Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pharmacotherapy casebook

Schwinghammer, Terry L. Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pharmacotherapy in primary care

Linn, William D. Pharmacology-Toxicology, Primary Care-Family Medicine


Posey, L. Michael Pharmacology-Toxicology


Generali, Joyce A. Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pharmacy & federal drug law review

Kosegarten, David C. Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pharmacy management

Desselle, Shane P. Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pharmacy professional's guide to resumes, CVs, & interviewing

Reinders, Thomas Education-Training-Licensure, Pharmacology-Toxicology

Pharmacy student survival guide

Nemire, Ruth E. Pharmacology-Toxicology
Physical rehabilitation O'Sullivan, Susan Physical Med-Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and massage for the dog

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Robertson, Julia Veterinary Medicine
Physiology of the heart Katz, Arnold Cardiovascular
Pivotal moments in nursing Houser, Beth History of Medicine, Nursing
Pocket companion to Brenner & Rector's the kidney, 8th edition Clarkson, Michael R. Nephrology

Pocket guide to cultural health assessment

D'Avanzo, Carolyn Professional Aspects

Pocket guide to diagnostic tests

Nicoll, Diana Diagnosis-Tests-Physical Exam

Pocket guide to fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance

Heitz, Ursula Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics, Endocrinology-Metabolism

Polymicrobial diseases

Brogden, Kim General-Miscellaneous Topics
Porous silicon for biomedical applications Santos, Helder A. Bioengineering
Power of ten, 2011-2013 Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing, Professional Aspects
Powering biomedical devices Romero, Edwar Bioengineering

Practical approach to anesthesia equipment


Dorsch, Jerry Anesthesiology-Pain Management
Practical cardiovascular hemodynamics Hanna, Elias B. Cardiovascular

Practical foot reflexotherapy

Zhou, Xin. Alternative-Integrative
Practical guide to diagnostic parasitology Garcia, Lynne Shore. General-Miscellaneous Topics
Practical guide to joint & soft tissue injection & aspiration McNabb, James W. Orthopedics-Musculoskeletal

Practice of anesthesia for infants and children


Cote, Charles Anesthesiology-Pain Management, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Practice of geriatrics

Duthie, Edmund Geriatrics-Aging

Practice of patient education

Redman, Barbara Klug Patient Education
Preventing sudden death in sport and physical activity Casa, Douglas Cardiovascular, Sports-Exercise-Wilderness Med

Primary care

Buttaro, Terry Primary Care-Family Medicine
Primary care for the physical therapist Boissonnault, William G. Physical Med-Rehabilitation, Primary Care-Family Medicine

Primary care of the child with a chronic condition

Allen, Patricia Jackson Pediatrics-Neonatology
Principles and practice of child and adolescent forensic mental health Benedek, Elissa Pediatrics-Neonatology, Psychiatry-Psychology

Principles and practice of clinical electrophysiology of vision

Heckenlively, John Ophthalmology

Principles and practice of mechanical ventilation

Tobin, Martin Anesthesiology-Pain Management, Respiratory Medicine-Pulmonary Medicine

Principles and practice of pain medicine

Warfield, Carol Anesthesiology-Pain Management

Principles and practice of pediatric infectious diseases

Long, Sarah Infectious-Communicable Disease, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Principles of clinical gastroenterology

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Yamada, Tadataka Gastroenterology-Hepatology

Principles of clinical pharmacology

Atkinson, Arthur J. Pharmacology-Toxicology

Principles of critical care

Hall, Jesse Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology
Principles of public health practice Scutchfield, F. Douglas Public Health-Epidemiology

Priorities in health

Jamison, Dean Public Health-Epidemiology
Problem solving in respiratory medicine & allergy Leach, Richard Allergy-Asthma, Respiratory Medicine-Pulmonary Medicine

Procedures in critical care

Hanson, C. William Emergency-Critical Care-Traumatology

Professional guide to diseases

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Wolters Kluwer Health. Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics, Diagnosis-Tests-Physical Exam
Professional guide to signs & symptoms Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Diagnosis-Tests-Physical Exam
Prostate cancer Gulley, James Oncology-Cancer Care
Public health Turnock, Bernard J. Public Health-Epidemiology
Public health and epidemiology at a glance Somerville, Margaret, Dr. Public Health-Epidemiology
Public health and social justice Donohoe, Martin Public Health-Epidemiology
Public health entomology Goddard, Jerome Public Health-Epidemiology
Public health policy Bhattacharya, Dru Public Health-Epidemiology

PubMed Clinical Q&A

Dean, Laura Clinical Care, General-Therapeutics, Pharmacology-Toxicology
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