Alternatives for Document Delivery

This is a list of alternatives to the Health Sciences Library's Interlibrary Loan service. Some of them are free while others charge various fees.

Local Libraries

Many local hospitals have libraries. If you are on the staff at a local hospital, you may wish to contact your hospital librarian. Hospital libraries have access to the same resources as the Health Sciences Library and may offer ILL services at low cost to affiliated hospital staff.

Faculty, staff, and students of other CU campuses or Colorado colleges and universities are encouraged to contact their affiliated campus libraries. In most cases, academic libraries receive funding to subsidize ILL services for affiliated personnel/students.

Many public libraries are funded to provide ILL services that are typically less expensive than those at the Health Sciences Library. Denver residents may request items held at the Health Sciences Library and/or other libraries from the ILL service at Denver Public Library (DPL). Contact DPL at (720) 865-1718 for more information. If you are not a Denver resident, contact your local public library.

Commercial Document Suppliers

Information regarding selected commercial document suppliers follows. You may wish to contact these or other businesses if you require special services that the Health Sciences Library ’s staff is unable to provide. While the Health Sciences Library's staff does not advocate particular commercial document suppliers, we have found these services to be reliable.

Local Commercial Document Suppliers

Other Commercial Document Suppliers


Information regarding other local commercial document suppliers may be found in the Yellow Pages under "Information Services". The internet is a useful resource for finding information about other U.S. and foreign document suppliers. An extensive list of document suppliers, including information regarding prices and services, may be found at

All information provided is subject to change. The Health Sciences Library assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided, or for any damages resulting from its use.