Library Wishes 2013

If you could have three library wishes, what would they be?

During the month of July 2013, the Health Sciences Library asked our users to let us know what three wishes they would request from a library genie. The library staff wanted to use this information to assist in creating a new strategic plan.

The library was thrilled to receive 108 submissions for a total of 254 wishes! The most popular type of wish was for an addition to the library’s collection – a book, journal, database, or other type of resource.  The Library’s Collection Management department is researching those requests right now.

The library wanted to share all 254 wishes that were received. The wishes can be viewed below. Additionally, if a wish could be “granted” right now, that information is included in the Comment column.

The library will continue working on updating its strategic plan and are hoping to share a draft in early fall.


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Interim Director (May 2015 to present) 

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First Wish Second Wish Third Wish Library Comment Wishes tags

Good Health

Independent means (money)

World peace

Full remote access for alumni

Full remote access for alumni

Full remote access for alumni

alumni access

open 24 hours

free coffee

lockable study rooms

facility, hours, study rooms, vending machines

To be a medical librarian.

Pay off my student loans

Be able to explore the library at my leisure.


Free ILL documents

Double-sided printing capability

Cheaper printing and copying

Wish 2 - Duplex printing is available on library printers, but not the student printer.

interlibrary loan (ILL), printing, wishes granted

Better library hours! I want to be able to study there whenever and not have to wait until 7 in the AM or leave by midnight

More single study rooms! That are bigger than the ones under the stairs but smaller than the group study rooms! Like if you cut one of the group ones in half

Fridge on every floor! And colder drinking water from the water fountain :)

Wish 3: There is now a microwave and fridge on each floor of the library

facility, hours, refrigerator, microwave, water, study rooms, wishes granted

More open hours especially during the weekends!

Pastries, coffee during exam weeks

More open hours!

hours, vending machines

Nap rooms with couches

Keurig machine

A coffee shop that is open more.

café, relaxation, vending machines

move into Building 500 and take over two entire floors

extend laptop checkouts up to 24 hours for all CU Anschutz Faculty & Staff


computers, facility

More collaborative space

More green ... live plants, flowers. Bring nature in.

facility, relaxation, study rooms

fast computers.

faster computers.

more INDIVIDUAL study rooms.

computers, study rooms

Coffee shop open later

More individual study carrels

Updated desktop workstations -- slow and crash often

café, computers, study rooms

Online access to the alumni/recent graduates for a specific period of time.

24/7 hour access to students with ID, after closing hours.

alumni access, hours

A bioinformationist that could help others on campus navigate bioinformatics resources

Licensing of periodicals and textbooks such that it is possible to do automated processing of the full texts of their contents.

A bigger budget for the library to support 1 & 2

budget, e-books, staffing, textbooks

Books in PDF

Colder Temperature, its too hot during all seasons and makes me want to nap

group study rooms ONLY for groups

e-books, facility, study rooms

I would like to see more online content. Most current journal articles are available online through the library but when the article gets to be a couple years old, I am often unable to get online access to the article(s) I am looking for. There is usually a print copy in the library but having more online content save time and hassle.


Study rooms that aren't fish bowls, i.e. less windows.

more signal processing and more biomedical imaging books.

individual study rooms that are larger than the current cubbies.

collection requests, e-books, study rooms

A coffee shop that stays open as long as the library is open.

More group work space.

A coffee shop that stays open as long as the library is open.

café, study rooms

More frequent seminars about literature searching, how to customize pubmed, ways to collect citations and organize them , etc. Also seminars on android apps would be cool too

Guided tours of the special collection would be pretty cool

Unlimited wishes

classes, literature searches, reference management

Better training for library personnel. I was shocked when I visited the library recently looking for a book with a good review chapter about tuberculosis, and the person at the circulation desk didn't know how to help me search for one. The only reason that I have to go to the library nowadays is to get books--if the library can't do that, then I have no reason to physically visit the library at all.

A science librarian or bioinformatics person. Access to resources like NCBI is important, and the library could help people with this.

I know that this is a tough one, but I wish that the library could acquire more books in my specialty area. Right now I buy books for my lab out of my own pocket. This seems like something that the library should be doing.

collection requests, staffing