How can I obtain a copy of a print journal article owned by the Health Sciences Library?

If the Health Sciences Library owns the journal that you want to copy, you can copy the article yourself using the copy machines in the Health Sciences Library.

Keep in mind that copyright restrictions apply to all copies you make.

The charge to use library copy machines is ten cents per page. The machines accept coins, one dollar bills, five dollar bills, and custom copy cards, which may be purchased at machines in the library for a minimum of $2.00.  (The card itself costs $1.00 and comes with $1.00 in copies). Copy cards are also required by the pay-for-printing system available from computers in the Health Sciences Library (also 10 cents per copy). Copy cards can be refilled.

For a fee, the Health Sciences Library's Interlibrary Loan Department will copy articles and fax or mail them to you.

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