Conduct Policy

The primary mission of the Health Sciences Library at Anschutz Medical Center is to serve students, faculty, and staff of the University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus. The library’s collections and resources including facilities are also available to University of Colorado students, faculty, and staff, Colorado health care practitioners, and members of the general public expressing information needs.

Users of the library have a right to expect the following:

  • access to library materials in their entirety and in unmarked condition;
  • access to library resources and personnel;
  • appropriate behavior from other library users as defined by UCD codes of conduct, pertinent University of Colorado System policies, and the Laws of the Board of Regents; and
  • an atmosphere conducive to study and research.

To ensure an appropriate environment for study and research, users shall refrain from the following:

  • removing or attempting to remove library materials or property without proper check-out or authorization;
  • damaging or misusing library materials or property in any manner;
  • preempting the availability of materials to other users in any manner;
  • leaving unattended books, materials, or personal property on tables or in rooms for extended periods; all personal belongings should be taken when exiting the library; all library materials will be shelved daily;
  • engaging in disruptive behavior or activities including, but not limited to, audible use of pagers, cellular phones, and dictation equipment; rowdiness; noise; and inappropriate sexual behavior;
  • bringing food/drink into the 3rd floor Special Collections and Rare Books rooms;
  • being in unauthorized areas of the library, or remaining in the library after closing or when requested to leave including emergencies and drills;
  • bathing in or misusing restroom facilities;
  • leaving children under age 13 unattended or unsupervised;
  • bringing in animals or pets (except for service animals);
  • bringing bicycles into the library;
  • using e-cigarettes in the library;
  • habitual sleeping in the library;
  • engaging in sales or other forms of personal commerce;
  • disrupting other users due to poor hygiene; or
  • using public access computer workstations inappropriately as outlined in the Library Computer Policy or the University of Colorado System’s Providing and Using Information Technology policy (Section B, Statement of Policy, available at

Persons who commit, or attempt to commit, violations of acceptable conduct as stated in Compensation, Benefits, and Other Personnel Matters (Laws of the Board of Regents, 11.D.2, available at, Standards of Conduct for Persons who are not Employees (Laws of the Board of Regents, 14.B.4) or this Conduct Policy, whether a member of the UCD community or not, may be asked to leave the UCD campus and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

All persons on University property must identify themselves upon request of a University employee who reasonably suspects that the person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime as defined by state or federal law, or a violation of a University rule or regulation. Properly authorized personnel may exclude any person from University property whose behavior is deemed to be detrimental to the well-being of the University or incompatible with the function of the University as an educational institution (Laws of the Board of Regents, 14.B.4, available at

The library will actively pursue disciplinary action, prosecution, or other legal action for offenses.

last updated May 28, 2015.