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Study Room Lights     Thu, 2015-01-29

The lights in the study room V23 1205 on the first floor keep turning off on me. I don't know if the sensor is working

Thank you for letting us know about the lights in study room 1205. The library currently has an electrician working on all the rooms because we have learned that many of the sensors were not connected correctly.  It will be a process for Facilities to get into the rooms because they are heavily used, but we will get to all of them.  Please let us know of problems in any other rooms, we can pass this information onto the electrician.  Thanks again!

Stefanie Ortiz
Admin Assistant



Thank you.
Public Patrons     Fri, 2015-01-23

I really like working in the library but there have been some extremely sketchy people recently. I have noticed the signs saying not to leave your stuff unattended. Yesterday when I was working in a study room on the 1st floor there were two men about 40s, white, dirty clothes who were just sitting on the couches and waiting for me to leave my stuff. They literally weren't doing anything but looking around. Weren't even trying to act like they were studying. I went to the bathroom and took all my stuff with me and when I got back they had left. I think it would be good to institute a policy where you have to show your badge to get into the library.

Wouldn't actually have to enforce it with everyone but these people are extremely easy to spot, so just put signs up and enforce it with them.


Thank you for taking the time to submit this suggestion.  The Health Sciences Library was built with and is partially operated with funds from the State of Colorado.  For those reasons, the facility is open to the public for part of the day, although there are times when we do restrict access and require IDs to enter the building.

The Library has a Conduct policy that addresses appropriate behavior within the building.  The library is open to the public, but that does not give anyone the right to come into the building and make others uncomfortable.  If you notice something that you feel is inappropriate such as disruptive behavior, illegal activities, or a potential safety issue please alert staff at the desk immediately so that library staff can address the issue.  You can also call Campus Police directly at (303) 724-4444.

If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me directly at or (303) 724-1748.

Melissa De Santis
Deputy Director

Thank you.
Walk Stations     Tue, 2015-01-20

I love the treadmill walk stations that are available in the library.  I wish that there were a few more, because they are frequently occupied.  They are an excellent way to stay focused and active while studying.  I really appreciate this being available.


I would absolutely LOVE it if we can get more walking treadmills.  It seems as though every time I try to use it, it's already taken!  Perhaps some treadmills on the other floors as well?

Thank you for your comment.  The Library has advertised the treadmill desks, a.k.a. walk stations, heavily since we got them.  We too have noted their popularity and consistent usage.  The distance walked and many calories burned since installation are fun facts and impressive.  Students use them and seem to like them.  Our leadership team will count your votes for more and consider in our future space planning.

Thank you so much.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services

Thank you.
HSL Facebook     Mon, 2015-01-05

Hey!  Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group? There's a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content.

Please let me know. Thank you


Thank you for the comment. We appreciate the additional exposure and promotion of our news blog and any of our social media channels.

Douglas Stehle
Dept Head Access Services

Coffee Maker     Thu, 2014-12-04

Public coffee makers

Thank you for the comment. The library has a coffee vending machine that sells coffee at a very affordable price.  Because this machine requires a water line, it is on the opposite end of the building as the rest of the vending machines.  If this was not what you had in mind, please let us know.

The library could try out putting a coffee maker in a group study room or a common area (maybe a Keurig) and see how it goes in terms of  user accountability and gauge how much additional effort it puts on library and custodians to monitor and deal with any issues. We can consider it. Please feel free to email me with any thoughts to my comments here. Thank you very much.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services


Thank you.
Nap Pods     Mon, 2014-12-01

I know the library is getting new furniture. I would like to recommend Nap Pods as a way to increase study productivity and traffic in the library


Thank you for your comment. The idea and interest in sleeping options in the library is not new. A few student users over the past several years have suggested the same, and internal library discussion about future amenities has touched on the option of sleeping pods, nap stations and the like. We will certainly keep the discussion going, idea on the table, and consider engaging the student community about it. Issues such as cost and funding, appropriateness, conduct policy, use by whom, safety and proper location in the library facility would be some of the factors we would have to take into account. It certainly could be a cool and non-traditional option for our library to consider.

If you have specific models and types to suggest, please contact me anytime to share some links and/or photos of ones you might be familiar with and have seen at other libraries. I’d welcome your specific ideas and I am glad to bring them to future library planning discussions. Contact me anytime.

Thank you.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services, 303-724-2139. Office 1114, 1st floor staff suite.

Thank you.
Skull on top of the tree     Fri, 2014-12-05

I feel religiously and personally offended by the skull on top of the Christmas tree at the entrance of the library. I would appreciate if this skull is taken down immediately.

I’m sorry that you were offended, that was definitely not the intent.  We have removed the skull.  The library puts up a tree ever year to collect donations of hats, mittens, scarves that will be donated in early January.  If you would like more information, please let me know.

Melissa De Santis
Deputy Director
(303) 724-1748

Thank you.
Portable Therapy Tables     Thu, 2014-12-04

It would be nice to have portable therapy tables for checkout.  As lab space is occupied during testing hours and this would allow us to run through our manual therapy techniques even when other classes are using lab space.


It would be nice to have portable therapy tables for check out at the front desk to practice psychomotor skills.



Thank you for contacting the library regarding portable therapy tables!  We really appreciate your suggestion, and will work with you to investigate various options for portable tables in the market.


Yumin Jiang
Head, Collection Management

Thank you.
Treadmill Desks!     Tue, 2014-12-02

Need more treadmill desks!  They're occupied all the time!

"Thank you for the comment. The Library has advertised the treadmill desks, a.k.a. walk stations, heavily since we got them. We too have noted their popularity and consistent usage throughout the day. The distance walked and many calories burned since installation are fun facts and impressive. Students use them and seem to like them. Our leadership team will count your vote for more and consider in our future space and library amenities planning.

Thank you so much.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services


Thank you.
Tower Room Lights     Mon, 2014-11-17

Just wanted to let someone know that I was up in the tower room on 3rd floor last night and the lights turned off around 10 pm and would not turn back on. Thanks!


We are aware of the issue of the lighting in the Tower Room and that we are currently looking into the problem, and hope to have it resolved soon.


Stefanie Jo Ortiz
Adminstrative Assistant II
UCD Health Sciences Library - Administration
Ph: (303) 724-2135

Thank you.


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