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Public Patrons     Wed, 2014-02-12

I just wanted to inform you that I have noticed that homeless people have recently been occupying spaces in the Library.  This morning while walking to a study room there were quite a few that were sleeping covered up by their possessions in the actual library.  I could understand if they were there for the actual library but from what I have observed, they have no business being here.  I come to study and when I do not feel safe or can unfortunately smell them from inside of a room I don't think it is appropriate for this beautiful library we have here. Please look into this matter for the sake of all the students and others that want to continue using this facility.


Thank you for asking this question about the Health Sciences Library.  The Health Sciences Library was built with and is partially operated with funds from the State of Colorado.  For those reasons, the facility is open to the public.

The Library has a Conduct policy that addresses appropriate behavior within the building.  The library is open to the public, but that does not give people the right to come into the building and make others uncomfortable.  If you notice something that you feel is inappropriate such as disruptive behavior, illegal activities, or a potential safety issue, please alert staff at the desk immediately so that library staff can address the issue.

If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me directly at or (303) 724-1748.

Melissa De Santis
Deputy Director

Thank you.
Photoshop     Tue, 2014-01-21

“Request for Photo Shop to create public health flyers”

Thank you for letting us know so that we can correct this problem! We apologize, and we do find that our website lists Photoshop Elements as being available on our computers.

The library has 4 licenses of an older version of Adobe Photoshop Elements.  The software is designated for our four scanner workstations. We recently upgraded those systems to Windows 7, but at the time we accidentally overlooked installing this particular software.

We should have Photoshop Elements installed on the four scanner machines on the first floor by the end of the business day 1/21/14.  Please try it out when you get a chance, and let us know if the software meets your needs. Some of our library staff use the same version (Photoshop Elements 7) and we find it to be very capable for working with photos and graphics.

Jeff Kuntzman (email:
Head, HSL IT

Thank you.
Computer Workstations     Thu, 2014-01-09

“I enjoy using the library as an alumnus of the nursing school but I am concerned that the crumbs left by users @ the  computer stations is not only unhygienic but also endangers the equipment. Please reconsider the food policy.”

Thank you for letting us know that some of the computer workstations and tables have been dirty.  The library has an outstanding housekeeping crew, but it is challenging for them to clean the tables because there are often users sitting at them.  In the future, if you notice dirty workstations or tables, please report them to the desk.  Library staff will then be aware of them and can make it a priority to clean them.

For the time being, we will continue allowing food and drink in the library.  The majority of our users spend a lot of time in the building and appreciate being able to eat while researching or studying.  Additionally, in the six years we have been in this building, we have not had any equipment damaged by food so we feel the risk to equipment is low.

Thanks again for your comments, and for continuing to use the library!

Melissa De Santis
Deputy Director

Thank you.
Public Patrons/Noise     Mon, 2014-01-06

I would like to make the suggestion to the CU staff that the Commits Homeless Shelter, not be able to use the, Health Sciences Library. I say this, I use the library as I'm a paying student, and I do not feel I have to put up with screaming children, or adults that are using it for facebook and games. I asked one of these young mother's could or would she please keep her children at a low tone, her response was I need to mind my own business and used words that were uncalled for. The CU staff are a pleasure to work with. Thank You.



I’m sorry that your time at the library was disrupted by another user.  The library has a Conduct Policy that specifically mentions noise as being a violation.  I applaud your efforts to speak directly with this user.  In the future, if you receive a dismissive response from a user about a Conduct Policy violation please alert library staff.  They will speak with the disruptive user and if the user continues to cause problems then library staff can take additional steps.

Although I understand your displeasure with this individual, at this point I do not want to punish an entire group of people for the poor actions of one individual.  The Health Sciences Library is a public building that was built with and is partially operated with funds from the State of Colorado.  However, the library does have policies and it sounds like they were violated in this instance.  I’d be happy to speak more with you about this if you’d like, please feel free to contact me (, (303) 724-1748).

Melissa De Santis

Deputy Director

Thank you.
Carpets & Chairs     Sun, 2013-12-01

“Please clean the carpets + chairs in the group study rooms. They are really dirty. Especially room

“Deep clean the carpets in the 2nd floor study rooms on a regular basis – they’re gross.”

Thank you for your comment about the carpet & chair cleaning.   I will contact the University Facility Cleaning Vendor to see if they can work into their routine a schedule of cleaning all of the study room carpeting.  I will also ask about the chair cleaning, but I may need to contract that out to a different company and this may be a cost to the Library.  I will follow up though.

Debra Silva
Library Administration

Thank you.
ILL     Mon, 2013-11-04

Hi. Thanks for ILL! I did have a bad experience recently though, where the person cancelled my request saying it was available online.

Since I was unable to locate it, would ILL be so kind as to send me the article anyway?

Thank you for contacting the library through Tell Us.  It is difficult to reply to anonymous comments, but if you would like to discuss your concern with the Interlibrary Loan Department, please contact them at 303-724-2111.

Thank you.

Nell Able


Thank you.
Men's Restroom     Mon, 2013-10-28

Could someone check out the toilet in the men's bathroom on the north end of 1st floor?  It flushes with such force as to create a bidet and I have to run for cover after flushing to avoid being sprayed with toilet water.  Thanks!

Thank you for your comment.  We have called Facilities to turn the pressure down.

Debra Silva
Assistant to the Director

Thank you.
Graduate Program Info Update     Thu, 2013-10-03

Hi- I noticed on the following page that the contact information for the graduate programs is out of date.  I can supply you with an updated list.


Thank you.

Thank you.
EndNote     Thu, 2013-09-26

I saw that you are offering EndNote classes. You might consider adding a class on  We have found this technology to be very useful and wish more researchers would use it.  It works wonderfully with LaTex/BibTex and can import EndNote data.  Great for research collaboration and free!



There are many options for reference and reprint management and citing available to our campus.  Generally, support for applications is based on whether we have Library staff trained to help users with those options.   

We offer regularly scheduled classes when we find there is interest in learning in a group setting.  We don't currently offer a regularly scheduled Zotero class since there wasn't enough interest to meet minimum enrollments when we offered the class in the past. 

But we do support Zotero users.  Zotero users who need training or support can contact Ask Us  to set up a consultation.  We generally have one or two requests a year for training or assistance with Zotero. 

Small groups that are interested in Zotero training can request a special class session

We also offer training and support for EndNote Basic, a cloud based reference management and citing tool.  We recommend that students use EndNote Basic since it is free and easy to access. Anyone who needs assistance with EndNote Basic should also set up a consultation through Ask Us

And we offer training and support for EndNote, a desktop application that is very popular on campus. We find that our EndNote classes always make minimum enrollments, so we will continue to offer them. 

Lynne M. Fox, Education Librarian


Thank you.
Customer Service     Thu, 2013-09-26

Amanda was so helpful!

I'm a visiting grad student & don't understand this library as well, it's nice to interact w/happy & knowledgeable people. 

We are pleased to hear that you were happy and satisfied with the service you received during your visit to the Health Sciences Library.    We’ve been able to make wonderful additions to our staff over the years, and we are extremely pleased with our new hire Amanda.   We strive to always deliver patrons the best customer service experience possible and it’s great to hear when we hit the mark.  Thank you for your comment.



David M. Martinez
Circulation –Access Services Manager

Thank you.


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