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If you could have three library wishes, what would they be?


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I wish I was able to search the lirerature inteligently, quickly and be bale to weed out unnesecary articles.

I wish I knew how to use the library serources better and if it was as easy as the google search engine.

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Capability to generate a manuscript database ( with easy access to the entire manuscript) based on key words search.

That each user could have a personal e-folder at the library where all the services, searches and materials could be filed/saved/retrieved.

A systematic review service/system available to investigators and students.

Wish 3 - This service is available! See for more information

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More frequent seminars about literature searching, how to customize pubmed, ways to collect citations and organize them , etc. Also seminars on android apps would be cool too

Guided tours of the special collection would be pretty cool

Unlimited wishes

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Lexus Nexus access through our library!!! This would be soooo incredibly helpful for economic and policy papers we work on through the school of public health

more public health resources and help. Currently, the knowledge and resources are very clinically driven that there isn't a lot of support for researchers in more sociological/public health research fields.

support for other reference management systems including zotero, or cheaper software than EndNote

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